1. Watch me talk about the film in this Q and A shot moments after the film’s premier at the San Luis Obispo International Film Festival.

  2. Incognita Trailer

  3. Fundraiser Barbecue on Saturday

    Are you ready for a great time? Saturday’s fundraiser barbecue is going to be a blast!

    For just five dollars, you’ll get a full spread — hamburgers, hotdogs, coleslaw, potato salad, sangria and more — as well as a sneak peek at “Incognita” and a chance to bid on some amazing auction items. 

    Here are just a few of the prizes up for grabs:

    Inquire on the "Incognita" Facebook page for more details.

  4. That’s a Wrap

    At approximately 5am Monday morning, we wrapped filming on Incognita.  It was a

    crazy run. We all came to the agreement that for my first film, we did a lot of things you

    probably would not try: night shooting, complicated makeup, scenes in a cramped car

    that we couldn’t even pull the head rests out of. In the forty eight hour span from six

    am Saturday when I woke up to six am Monday morning when I went to bed, we shot

    twenty hours and got about five hours sleep. But what got us through was my four lead

    actors. The girls of “Incognita” were the energy that drove me, turned my frustration

    around at 3 in the morning, made me believe that the end result was going to be the

    film I wanted to make.

    I must also thank my crew. Bare bones by the end, we stuck together and got the

    footage and sound we needed to get. They also made my actors look unrecognizable.

    And it was proven by a cop, who thought these girls would be able to get away with

    robbery or at least hard to track down. I was lucky to work with friends and I feel as

    though I’ve asked for a lifetime of favors. But with wrap parties and goodbye hugs now

    behind us, I begin the edit. And fundraising’s not over either. Soon, we’re throwing a

    fundraiser bbq and auction, to be capped off with some preview footage. We’ll also be

    starting a kickstarter campaign where we can show off a trailer, production video

    diaries, completed posters and much much more. So get ready. Just because we’re

    done with filming doesn’t mean we’re done. I think we’re just getting started.

  5. Thank you to our Indiegogo contributors!

    Our Indiegogo fundraising campaign has come to an end.

    Thanks to our contributors, we raised nearly $3,900, which will go toward costumes, makeup, camera and lighting equipment and other expenses, such as paying our cast and crew. We couldn’t have done it without your help!

    We’d like to extend a hearty “Thank You” to the following folks:

    • Brian Abert and Deanna Pedroza
    • Laura Brandner
    • Sarah Berger
    • Cherie Bognuda and Dan Lamoree
    • Lauren Brown
    • Jamie Bruzenak
    • Alison Cebulla
    • Brian and Christine Corsiglia
    • Bryan and Kathy Crawford
    • Jamie Dietze
    • Dr. Cain’s Comics and Games
    • Carl Edge
    • Peter Fedewa
    • Laurie Fraser and Philip Muzzy
    • Jandro Gamboa
    • Kit Gautier
    • Melissa Geisler
    • Hilary Roberts Grant
    • Shane Guess
    • Julia Hickey 
    • Season Hoagland 
    • Clare Kennedy
    • Tom and Tanya Knowles
    • Henning Koczy
    • Jennifer Lacey and Ryan Ritchie
    • Kathleen Lamoree
    • Charles and Shirley Linn
    • Mary Donovan Linn and Charles D. Linn
    • Keegan Lucas and Mike Anderson
    • Danica Maxwell 
    • Sam McElhinney
    • James and Sherri McNary
    • Barry and Cathy Molineux
    • Doug Molineux
    • David Norum
    • Mark and Stephanie Olsen
    • Joe Parzanese and Lauren Avjean
    • Sally Piscitelli
    • Tim and Betsy Piscitelli
    • Mary Reilly
    • Steve Severn and Jaclyn Shostrum
    • Sam Soleimany
    • Jane Voigts
    • Jim Weise
    • Joan Weise
    • Steve Young

    Don’t see your name on this list? Don’t worry. You can contribute to “Incognita” at any time.

    Just follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and watch this space for future fundraising events. 

  6. The “Guys” of Incognita.

    The “Guys” of Incognita.

  7. Behind the scenes read through for Marnie, seen here playing the role of Betty. Jessica is filling in for the role of Denise. This isn’t really for critiquing but to just show people a bit more of the script and of Marnie. Less than twenty days now till we start shooting.

  8. Where We Stand

    Let me vent a concern; the fundraiser feels like a fog. I feel a little lost at times and wait on needles and pins to hear a name call us out. The funds are coming in but have only come from people I know, family and friends. Trust me when I say this is the most social networking I’ve ever done and I’m sure that’s part of the problem; there’s no history. No one outside my circle to say “Can’t wait” or “That’s gonna be great.” And there’s no footage yet. But believe me when I say it’s gonna be great.


    If I find a sound guy. If my lead can forget the production she’s deep with for the next week and immeditaely shifts focus to mine afterwards. If no one else cancels. If the costumes and facial hair look good. If the car can get here from San Diego. If I can find CHP rental outfits in the area.  These are at least foreseen and can be helped. It’s what’s out there that I can’t wait to bump into.

    A friend of a friend had a film shoot that for every little thing you could imagine going wrong, the powers that be upped it by a hundred. I don’t expect that. Then again, neither did he. My wife’s role is to worry and mine is to sit back and relax. I know I’ll enjoy the ride, it’s the waiting in line that’s killing me.

  9. Sticker image.

    Sticker image.

  10. Here’s the new video we shot this week. Really happy with the result. Faster, gets right to the point. And the gun doesn’t sound too fake. Well, maybe a little.

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